Our History

My family's roots run deep in Northern Portugal, in the tiny village of Arcos, Montalegre in the region of Tras-Os-Montes. For generations, wine was a constant presence in their every day lives. They grew the vines, produced their own wine, and my grandfather, Américo, even had a small tavern in his modest home from which he would sell his neighbors a "copo de vinho" after a hard day's labor out in the field. Wine's rich footprint didn't just exist in my father's house, but my mother's also. Harvests were a family affair; hard labor, long days, and winemaking traditions passed on by generations that run as long and as deep as the wine is red.

Today, the tradition continues. While we may no longer be making our own wine, we want to bring to light those who do. Going home to Portugal and getting a first-hand look at the quality pouring out of the barrels being filled by a new generation of winemakers, I made it my life's mission to bring these incredible offerings to the US. I have a profound sense of urgency to invite everyone to experience what my family has known for generations - Portuguese wines are full of promise, with complexity, and styles diverse enough to satisfy even the most discerning palates.